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A lot of things, mostly Sonic.

D-Nexus log

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 25, 2015, 1:21 PM

Since I am a delusional git, this will mean more to me than an unfinished story bit or a scene. So I will put it here for memory purposes.

*area is a canyon-esque area hidden from Cliff's excavation site, Tikal and Shadow were walking back in, Tikal was moving at a hurried pace, bothered by what she found out. While Shadow sat down annoyed at being dragged away from their mission. It was a bust, whatever it was they were intending to do but Tikal had been silent the whole way back. It was getting on his nerves.*
Shadow: Tikal, will you stop for a moment? We were so close! You told me as much! It was right there! Why did we head back here when what we were supposed to get was over there?! Now Sonic and the others have the crystal and--
Tikal: *she moved her hand infront of Shadow, motioning him to stop* Just....Just stop talking for a moment....please. *her face displayed her shaken emotions, something back there troubled her to her core. Seeing what emotions she had hidden on the long trek back here stunned Shadow silent. Tikal put her hand back to her side and walked towards the lake behind her and walked over to splash some water on her face, taking in a deep breath afterwards. Shadow could hear from her breath that her voice was shaky as well, she did a better job hiding it when she speaks. As Tikal squatted there looking up at the sky, she shifted her body towards shadow to look back at him. It was obvious he wanted answers. She sat down cross legged and closed her eyes to gather her thoughts* You remember...How I told you Sonic was not at his strongest? How despite the intense battles you had...He never was at his full capacity?
Shadow: Yes...I also remember you telling me it was a joke how I thought I was actually a match for his true potential.
Tikal: *her brow furrowed briefly before unfurrowing back to her calmed expression* Thats because your not at your full potential ether....None of you are. Or have been...
Shadow: What do you mean, are you saying you know what my full potential has actually been?! How--
Tikal: Chaos.
Shadow: -!
Tikal: Whether or not that word sounds familiar to you, its tied to you. To you, to Sonic...everyone. I found it strange how no one mentioned the energy that is chaos. Or how Sonic was significantly slower...even how your attacks were so much weaker... But now I understand.
Shadow: Understand what? What is chaos Tikal?!
Tikal: "Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart." To put it simply, Chaos energy is one's desires made manifest into power. The stronger the desire, the stronger the power, whether the desire is of good intent or bad. This energy was the energy that ran the world, empowered it. Thats why...I know for certain what this current world lacks.
Shadow: Are you meaning to tell me...the reason why im weaker, why sonic is weaker, why  you're freaking out is because what we lack is--
Tikal: The "heart" of this world. We've lost the "passion" this world used to have. We lost its "desire", its "empathy"...and it shows in its people and its land. This world cannot care about itself, so its people do not, and its trials reflect the same....We've....we've lost so much...This is worse than i'd imagined...This is worse than a memory reset, than a reality reset...! *tikal started to tear up as she began to lose her composure* If we cant make this world care about itself, chaos is lost...! This world is lost...! Mighty, ray, rouge, vector, espio, charmie, the chaos, sally...!!
Shadow: Hey, HEY! *he went over and shook Tikal, snapping her out of it* Look, ill be honest, I don't know what exactly all the things your freaking out about are...and quite frankly, I don't care. But I know that you can think of a way to fix this, to fix everything! To make it so we're as strong and as fierce as we used to be! As able to re-shape this world as we used to be! So quit sitting there crying over what already happened and start thinking of a way for us to fix this! You're better than this!
Tikal: !! Y-You're're completely right....sorry, sorry for letting you see me like this...*she wiped away her tears*


United States
I am someone who sees things in a way you never would.
I never pray, I wish.
I never believe, I trust.
I always try to please.
And I always wish for everyone to have fun and be happy.


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